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I do lots more than just collect quotations. Okay, maybe not LOTS more, but I do other things.

I knit

When a friend had a baby, I wanted to do something special for her. I thought "I know... I'll knit a baby hat!" Turns out that there are two things wrong with that. First, everyone was knitting a baby hat. Second, I didn't know how to knit.

So I learned to knit. Lots of videos and turorials online, and a few television shows later, I can knit. I seem to do lots of market bags and baby stuff. While I enjoyed making tiny baby hats, I really enjoyed knitting bunny toys. I'm definitely going to knit a teddy bear soon.  I've tried to learn a new stitch or technique with each project. Next up, something with lace. You can find me on Ravelry as clarifiedmind.

I cook

I'm vegan now but I wasn't always vegan. I love to cook. There are so many amazing blogs and cooking sites out there. When I first went vegan I couldn't stand tofu. Now I've learned to cook it correctly and it's a staple. As is tempeh. I even made tempeh from scratch a few times.

I have fun outside

Okay, not so much. Outside is good for concerts and things, but I'm more of an indoors person lately. But there are lots of outdoors animal cams that make outdoors interesting. Take a look at for a list.

I have fun inside, too

Reading, knitting, cooking... all indoor activities. As is my crazy pleasure, playing Kingdom of Loathing. You can find me as Lil Puke in Con3, and my clan, the OCDs of Chaos.

I spend a lot of time playing with my cat, Cassie, watching Formula One on TV, scanning Reddit, keeping up with the news, and of course, collecting those quotations.

If you're into art, check out my friend Jen's work on

I've been reading a wide variety of stuff lately. Everything from Jenny Offill's Department of Speculation to Nesbo's Nemesis.

I enjoy a nice glass of wine

Cab Franc, Malbec, any good earthy red. Some of the red blends are wonderful. And if you're like me, making sure they are vegan is easier, now that there's And if that's not important to you, enjoy those, too!